Have you ever asked yourself where have all the guitar solos gone or that drum sound is awesome, what about a chunky bass riff or even a chorus you can remember.... There are so many questions to be asked about rock music these days, well 'hi speed life' has some answers. Formed in 2010, South Australian band 'hi speed life' have already a strong set of tunes that have all these things and more. Paul Kennedy providing a guitar sound and solos that will make you stand in front of the mirror and pose with a hair dryer as all guitar greats want to make you do. Dom Furina on drums and Peter Eime on bass give one of the best smack and riff combos we've seen in ages and singer Danny Gates giving those power vocals we need and love. It's a big ask I know but I think 'hi speed life' have answered all my questions, I know they'll answer yours, check them out!!!

Bass - Peter Eime
Guitar - Paul Kennedy
Drums - Dom Furina
Vocals - Danny Gates




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